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Offering top-quality gardening products to care your plants in an eco-friendly manner, since 2009. Although, it’s our long running business and we’ve been into planting and gardening for the last 51 years and still on! With a strong background and exprience of so many years, we ensure that you receive the best plant care products as per your desires. Our aim is to provide best plant care products that are eco-friendly yet cost-effective. Our aim is to offer plant care products for all types of locations from home to offices, gardens to agricultural fields, and much more.

Choice For All

We thrived into the digital market with the idea of offering plant care products to a wide range of audience i.e. not limited with the topography. Also, many of the gardeners and millenials today have been looking for products online. Our vision is to provide organic products to all the farmers and gardeners for better future yield of green fields. Sharing a bit about me, I’m polymer science engineer who has worked months and months to make every product eco-friendly and durable. We only use food-grade materials that are UV protected & work hard to offer the best quality plant care possible.