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8 x 10 Fabric grow bag

Rs. 157.00



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Are you looking for Fabric Growth Bags? Then you have come to the right place. We sell high quality bags which are eco-friendly and nature friendly. Which will be one of your choices.
Our bags are made using very high quality fabric raw material. As a result, it is considered as an environmentally friendly bag. The use of fabric allows the heat of the sun to move easily. As a result, the temperature is maintained properly. Your plants are always fresh.
Growth Bags is suitable for use in any season. You can use it in the garden, corridor, balcony, kitchen, etc. as a convenience. You can easily bring it from one place to another in a moment if you want.  Can't fall down water. As a result, it can be used easily anywhere.
It requires a small amount of space to use. Your plants help the seedlings to spread easily. It makes the plant grow faster. All types of vegetables, plants etc. are suitable for cultivation. It is easy to take care of the plants as per your needs.  Fabric Growth Bags is washable and durable long term usable.