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24 x 24 x 12 Square grow bag

Rs. 307.00



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We want to plant vegetables, potatoes, wheat, tomatoes, carrots, radishes, beans, etc. in our gardens, balconies, kitchens, floors, etc. Our square growth bag is for them. Because not everyone can have the same measurement space.  , Long, flat, square, etc. There are different types. Wherever the square is for them, this bag is ours.
The Square Growth Bag is made from HDPE material. Due to which the load capacity is high and it is not easy to break and the thickness is high. High quality HDPE material is durable and reusable. This bag is suitable for ventilation due to which the roots can spread easily and it is easy to absorb the required nutrients from the soil.
You do not have to worry about having extra water holding capacity and water extraction process. Many times you are afraid of losing the floor in the house. I think this bag will be very useful for you.
The bag will be suitable for use everywhere outside the house, inside, in the garden. It can be filled with soil, waste and various mixtures, it will not cause any damage to the bag. This bag is more usable for maintaining proper soil weather. This bag is one of the most durable and washable bags.