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12 x 14 Potato Fabric grow bag

Rs. 347.00



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We all like to eat vegetables daily. One of our favorite vegetables is potato. Potatoes contain a lot of sugar. So many people want to cultivate potatoes. For them, our potato is a Potato Fabric Grow Bags.
We have used eco-friendly fabric as a material to make this bag. We wanted to fill all your components, it has PA component handles and many more attached to the bag Our potato growth bags can hold the water needed by the plants. They can easily ventilate through the holes in the bottom and have a drainage system.
This potato growth bag is suitable for use everywhere. If you want, you can keep it outside, indoors or on the balcony, and everywhere in the garden. The bag is very suitable for potato cultivation which is different from the unique bag.
This bag has extreme heat and cold resistance which is higher than other bags. Due to its water resistance, you can keep it wherever you want. It is guaranteed that you can cultivate potatoes for a long time. You can use it when you want, if you don't need it, you can wash it and save it.