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12 x 12 Nursery bag

Rs. 468.00



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Do you want to cultivate plants, vegetables, flowers, etc non-permanently? Then you can use our Growth Nursery Bag. Our nursery bags will help you to take care of them easily, they can be easily moved from one place to another. 
There is no problem with the bags. Our bags can be filled with soil, green waste, and various mixtures, so there is no possibility of any damage to the bag. This bag is easy to water. This Growth  Bag is washable.
Plastic material has been used to make our bag. As a result, it can be easily kept intact for a long time. Our bag is environmentally friendly which is why it is in great demand. This  Nursery Bag is different from the unique bag. This bag is covered with black color inside and outside.
If you want to protect your plants from heat and cold, then you can use our bag. It can be easily brought inside and outside the plant. It is very durable and washable. You can buy the bag without any hesitation. It is made of high quality plastic which makes it long lasting.