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104 Cavity 0.45 MM Thickness Seeding Tray

Rs. 462.00



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Great for Saplings Starters - This nursery tray for seedling are perfectly sized for starting flowers, herbs, and vegetable seedlings like tomatoes and cucumbers.
Seed germination seedling tray reusable that you can use to avoid transplant shock and plant root growing box circulation if they do not meet your expectations.
The Seedling plastic tray for plants allows root circulation to be maintained while promoting aeration, making them ideal for transplanting plants without damaging the plant root growing box.
Using these seed trays for germination for an indoor plant pro tray, you can finally start looking forward to your dream garden. Give the plant enough time to sprout and grow.
The succulent plants seeds trays for sowing, saving time and effort. The operation is also very convenient widely used in flowers, vegetables, fruits, trees, and other agricultural cultivation.