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9 X 9 Round Grow Bag

Rs. 237.00



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We all want to plant something in our yard and enhance the beauty of the yard. For them, our HDPE growth bag. We provide bags of different sizes according to your needs.
This bag can be used for all types of cultivation, such as potatoes, banana plants, vegetables, plants, etc.
We have used plastic as the material to make this bag, which is environmentally friendly and durable. In real life, you can use the bag anywhere. It fits everywhere inside and outside the house making it suitable for use in small spaces.
This bag has a drainage system so that the water does not fall out. Due to this facility, our bag is at the peak of everyone's needs. All kinds of accessories have been added for your convenience. Anyone can easily plant a plant through it and be able to produce according to their own needs.
Our bag has a greenhouse facility. Sunlight, air can enter and exit easily. It does not carry excess moisture. This is an advantage for you. Try using our bag. I hope you will be satisfied.