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48 x 12 x 12 Rectangle Grow Bag

Rs. 327.00



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If you are looking for Grow bags then rectangular bags are suitable for you. You can find any size of these bags with us. You can use them wherever you want. You can cultivate all kinds of vegetables.
High quality fabric has been used to make this bag. It is environmentally friendly and naturally suitable. This bag is thick and helps to maintain the quality of the soil. Due to which the plants can absorb nutrients at a balanced rate.
It is easy to fold due to the use of soft fabric. For gardening, it is considered suitable for long-term use. This bag allows water permeability. So that the plant does not fall into the water vacuum.
This grow bag can be used for all kinds of plants. We can guarantee that it will be very useful for your garden. It is easy to carry and it can be easily washed. You can use any combination. It will not harm the bag in any way.