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Specifications : Perlite is a lightweight granular material that’s white in color. It looks and feels like little bits of polystyrene but is actually made from expanded volcanic glass, heated to 1000°C until it ‘pops’ (like popcorn) to many times its original size. It’s lightweight, sterile, and easy to handle, and is long-lasting. It’s neither alkaline or acidic.
Perlite’s expanded nature makes it extremely porous, so it can absorb water, but it also improves drainage, so it is ideal to mix into the compost to ensure water drains freely. Perlite is particularly useful in plant propagation, including taking cuttings and sowing seeds. Other materials that perform similar functions are vermiculite, grit, and sharp sand.
PerliteUsing Take Care : Perlite is dusty, so take care to avoid inhaling the dust. Dampen with water before using it. If using a whole bag of perlite in one go, pour a couple of liters of water into the bag, seal the top and shake it, then let it soak for a quarter of an hour before using.