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Specifications : This is a carbon chemical. pH neutral activated on wood with carbon powder with unusually high adsorptive capacity for a wide range of Organics. Its large surface area and a large volume of mesopores quickly  compounds from the solution. Therefore, It is designed for applications that require a neutral Ph and a minimum amount of carbon to help a maximum amount of Soil
Use : Adding a layer of Carbon powder to the bottom of your plant pot, underneath the soil, can help your plant's health in a number of ways, according to Apartment Therapy. The substance rids the soil of impurities (which is why it's sometimes a great health and beauty ingredient), repels insects, and prevents mold and odors. And, since activated Carbon is extremely porous, when you accidentally drown your leafy friends in the water, it will absorb the excess, thereby preventing root rot.
Activation chemicals: Before carbonation, the raw materials are impregnated with certain chemicals. The chemical base is normally an acid, strong, or a salt (phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide, calcium chloride, potassium hydroxide, and zinc chloride, 25%). Then, the raw materials will be charred at lower temperatures (450 - 900 ° C). It is believed that the activation/carbonization step proceeds simultaneously with the chemical activation. Activation chemistry is preferred over physics due to the low temperatures and the shorter activation time required to activate the material.
Key Features :
  • Large surface area, high density, large volume of micropores
  • Premium Food Grade - Meets Food Chemical Codex
  • Highly adsorptive, adsorbs toxins, colors, odors, whitens teeth)
  • In Mylar Zip Bag