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99 Cavity 0.95 MM Thickness Seeding Tray

Rs. 522.00

Great for Saplings Starters - This nursery tray for seedling are perfectly sized for starting flowers, herbs, and vegetable seedlings like tomatoes and cucumbers. Seed germination seedling tray reusable that you can use to avoid transplant shock and plant root...


Rs. 279.00

Specifications : This is a carbon chemical. pH neutral activated on wood with carbon powder with unusually high adsorptive capacity for a wide range of Organics. Its large surface area and a large volume of mesopores quickly  compounds from the...

Coco peat

Rs. 599.00

Specifications : Coco peat increases the porosity of the potting mix. This helps to keep the soil loose and airy, helping in better root growth. Better root growth results in better plant growth and higher yield. Coco peat increases the...

Cocopeat bricks

Rs. 599.00

Specifications : Cocopeat Brick is an excellent growing medium for home & lawn garden plants. It is widely used with potted plants & also it is one of the best media for seed germination. It improves aeration in the soil...

Expandable clay balls

Rs. 367.00

All types of vegetable, flower & herb seeds can be germinated in the Garden Expanded Clay Pebbles are made from 100% natural clay that is inert, pH neutral, clean, and at the same time decorative. An excellent choice for orchids,...

Garden mix

Rs. 259.00

Specifications :Your garden soil or garden mix selection is a major contributor to your garden's future sustainability. You can create the ideal environment for healthy plant growth by choosing the right soil for the job. ANL carries a huge range...

Neem cack

Rs. 299.00

Specifications : Neem cake is the de-oiled residue that is used after Neem kernels are crushed for their oil. In this kernel, there are some nutrients such as NPK which means nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium as well as nor triterpenoids and isoprenoids. These...


Rs. 299.00

Specifications : Perlite is a lightweight granular material that’s white in color. It looks and feels like little bits of polystyrene but is actually made from expanded volcanic glass, heated to 1000°C until it ‘pops’ (like popcorn) to many times...

Potting soil mix

Rs. 556.00

Specifications : As with any garden, soil preparation is what really counts when it comes to being successful in growing in containers. It’s the foundation. Pick your life-giving metaphor and you get the idea. In other words, select the right...

Vermi Compost

Rs. 189.00

Vermicompost Specifications : Vermicompost is highly nutrient rich organic fertilizer & manure for healthy and fast growth of plants. It is produced by composting organic matter, utilizing microorganisms & specific earthworms to get high quality end product. This compost is...


Rs. 169.00

Specifications : Vermiculite is lightweight, non-toxic, and sterile and does not deteriorate over time. It has a neutral pH. It’s used in the building industry, the car industry, and packaging. For use in horticulture, it’s sold as lightweight, absorbent brown-gold...

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